As a veterinarian...


Does your stress include your finances?

Is your compassion fatigue stretched to the max because you also have to extend it to unhappy staff who are quitting?

Is some of your grief about the loss of the vision you had for your dream work and life?

Owning your own practice or running a clinic may have once seemed like everything you ever wanted to do – and may have become something you now struggle with every day.

There are staff to manage and any place where people are involved in stressful situations opens the door for communication issues. Almost no one responds as their “best self” when under pressure.

There are pet parents to deal with who also aren’t showing up in the kindest of ways when they feel helpless about their animal. Conflicts don’t feel good for anyone.

And as an added strain, balancing the books to ensure a profitable enterprise is its own “brain drain” given fluctuations in the economy.  Marketing and promotion weren’t really what you signed up for when you wanted to become a champion for the health and well-being of the animals in your care.

How do you navigate all THAT?

How do you mentally, emotionally, and physically handle all that’s required of you and come out on the other side of it feeling successful and energized?

Here’s how:

By adjusting how you feel, altering what you think and changing what you believe about all of “that”.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
Wayne Dyer

It may seem like a tall order to even entertain that idea and yet there is help available to implement a new perspective / effect the changes you need to make internally to have a different experience of your day-to-day life.

One of the most effective and accessible tools to initiate changes in thoughts, feelings and beliefs is EFT.  Yes, the same tool we use for mourning, loss and sadness can be used to assist you in living a better life, the life you choose for you.

This isn’t about “positive thinking” – when you use EFT to drop the negative emotions you experience and thus, change the emotional tone of your day, the “positive” thoughts will automatically be a part of your inner narrative. Think about it (no pun intended) – when you’re not thinking negatively, what’s left?  Isn’t inner peace the absence of stress and upset?

As part of the Pawsitively Speaking platform we’ve put together a ‘Flourish and Thrive Membership’ created specifically for veterinarians.

Here’s how it works…

First – Select a topic you’d like to find out how to experience in your life or create change in.  Each subject is covered in short lessons with additional time to complete the exercises or to begin to implement the suggestions in your life.

They include:

Attention Management: Change Your Life by Managing Your Attention Instead of Your Time

Contentment: Being Happy with Who You Are, What You Have, and Where You Are in a World Always Screaming for More

Modern Day Meditation:  Your Modern Day Meditation Manual

Procrastination:  Solving the Procrastination Puzzle and Boosting Productivity

ReBalance: Achieve a More meaningful and Fulfilling Life

Rest: The Unique Upside of Taking Deliberate Downtime

Second, as you go through the content bring every “I can’t because….”, “This won’t work for me because…”, “It’s not that easy because….” To the weekly group coaching Zoom to get help with busting those beliefs! 

Share your business or work issues on the call even if they don’t have anything to do with the content – the sessions are meant to provide you answers – and changes – to whatever is keeping you from living your best life.

Every month a new topic/focus will be introduced to

It might feel like there is a gap the size of the Grand Canyon between where you are and where you want to be and yet it is possible to close that space one day at a time.

Here is what you can count on learning in our year together:
You’ll find out how to overcome limiting beliefs.
You’ll discover much about yourself and why you are the way you are.
You’ll learn how to replace negative habits with positive habits.
You’ll master how to develop new empowering habits.
You’ll raise the standards you have for yourself.
You’ll let go of your fear of failure in building your ideal business.
You’ll work through how to stay positive even when you don’t want to.
You’ll see how to harness the power of your thoughts.
If you’re ready to live a life you love, reduce stress, strengthen relationships, build a more satisfying career and increase your happiness and fulfillment in life I’m inviting you to join us

The details:

One-year ‘Flourish and Thrive Membership’ with access to Choose Your Change content.

Monthly bonus content covering habits, your relationship with money, self-image, achieving your professional and personal goals.

Twice weekly live group coaching and tapping from noon – 2 PM Central Time Tuesday and Thursday. (The days and times will rotate each week to include some evenings and the weekend so that everyone has a chance to participate in the calls.  As the community grows more sessions will be added and/or hours expanded to keep a good facilitator to participant ratio).

Introductory Offer: $1499