Exclusive Offer for SavingLife Clients

Embrace the Opportunity of a Lifetime with Tapping to the Rescue! 

We’re excited to introduce an exclusive opportunity that’s tailor-made just for you. At Tapping to the Rescue, we understand the importance of community, support, and personal growth. That’s why we’re pleased to extend an invitation that won’t be available to any other groups outside of SavingLife.

Become a Founding Member 

For a limited time, we’re offering you the chance to secure lifetime access to our amazing community platform and all future features for a one-time payment of only $999.  Regular membership rates are $99 per month or $999 annually for organizations of the same size. By enrolling today, you’ll be locking in years of savings and an abundance of benefits for your valued staff and volunteers.

Invest in Your Organization’s Success 

Why seize this opportunity now? To start receiving the rewards of ongoing support in overcoming the struggles your organization faces as we head into yet another stress filled holiday season and end-of-year financial crunch.

Consider this – turnover, absenteeism, and lack of productivity from employees and volunteers being stressed and tired is a challenging situation that can significantly impact your bottom line. With Tapping to the Rescue, you’ll be equipped with the tools, guidance, and backing needed to navigate these obstacles successfully.

Here’s what awaits you:

☑️ Lifelong access to our online platform.
☑️ All future features and updates – no extra cost!
☑️ Years of savings compared to the standard membership rates.
☑️ A return on investment that’s almost immediate.

By becoming a Founding Member, you’ll be securing not just a membership and yet a brighter future for your organization and its dedicated team. Our mentoring and coaching will guide your group through the toughest challenges while helping your staff and volunteers thrive.

Invest in your organization’s future and empower your team by securing lifelong access to Tapping to the Rescue. Join us as a Founding Member and become a part of something extraordinary. 

Use the button below to start your membership today!

After Your Purchase:

In addition to your receipt you’ll receive an email from Pawsitively Speaking with ‘Access Your Purchase’ in the subject line.

It will have two links 

  1. the login page for the Community where you’ll need to create an account (there are a few questions to answer and once they are reviewed you’ll be granted access).
  2.  a Registration page on this website where you’ll enter the names and email addresses (if you have them) of the people you are adding to your membership.  The page is set up for 10 names so if you have more than that, just hit ‘submit’ and then fill the page out again with the additional members.