Free Resources

There is a HUGE amount of free EFT stuff on the internet!

One of the most popular sites is The Tapping Solution – they have a free app, videos, and research reports along with additional resources. 

At this website The Science of Tapping you’ll find a great assortment of research reports and articles (along with other resources).

This article from Purdue University, written for its faculty and staff as a mental health resource, also has many additional links to other sites and research reports.

YouTube has many, many free tapping video’s as well.

If you decide to do a deep dive on your own, just by using the Google machine, you’ll uncover all you could ever ask about EFT.

So you might be wondering why we’d send you to other websites for “free stuff” when we have our own EFT platform to offer you.
That has 2 easy answers:

1)  We want you to get help wherever and however is best for you! including free from someplace else 😊

2)  We know the power of using EFT for very specific emotional challenges!  We know that tapping “live” using words and phrases that are your own is how EFT works the fastest.

We’ve created a community for people who are faced with many of the exact things you are.  Tapping to the Rescue™ is a safe place to discuss topics that many other people do not even want to hear about.  By using EFT, either during our live sessions or by watching the recordings, for issues relating to working at an animal shelter, veterinary office, being a part of a rescue group or even as a frustrated foster pet parent you’ll be able to harness the full benefit of this amazing technique.